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Oswell Blakeston

Fingers, 1964
‘Sinister inconsequentiality... Elusive, absurdist and slightly camp’ Sunday Times
ISBN 0852470568, Prose, € 7,95 , 56 pp., pap

The Night’s moves, 1965
‘Combines the obscure meanace of Kafka, the bitter wit of Raymond Chandler, with the neat plot mechanics.’ Books & Bookmen
ISBN 0852470495, Prose, thriller, € 7,95 125 pp., pap

George Buchanan

Bodily Responses,1958
‘Poems directed against aesthetic and emotional impoverishment.’
ISBN 0852470398, Poetry, € 9,10 48 pp., cloth

Morning Papers,1965
The second volume of his autobiography-- Buchanon joins a Belfast newspaper during the Irish ‘troubles’, followed by years in Fleet Street.
ISBN 0852470592, Prose, € 9,10 152 pp., cloth

Henri Chopin

The Cosmographical Lobster, 1976
‘Hurray! for Henri Chopin for writing the unexpected.’ Poetry Information
ISBN 0852471114, Poetry, € 9,10 48 pp., pap

Patrick Fetherston

Three Days after Blasphemies
, 1967
100 Short paragraphs of clear and concise prose and 100 ten line poems. ‘Both,’ Fetherston says, ‘have been called forth by the aggressiveness that reading Marlowe can induce.’
ISBN 0852470622, Poetry, € 7,95 48 pp., pap

Alfred Jarry

Ubu Roi
, 1961
One of the most extraordinary events of the late nineteenth century in Paris was the opening on December 11, 1896, at the Théâtre de l'Oeuvre, of Alfred Jarry's play Ubu Roi. The audience was scandalized by this revolutionary satire, developed from a schoolboy farce, which began with a four-letter word, defied all the traditions of the stage, and ridiculed the established values of bourgeois society.
Barbara Wright's witty translation of the riotous work is accompanied with drawings by Franciszka Themerson. Two previously untranslated essays in which Jarry explains his theories of the drama have als been included. ISBN 0811200728, Play, € 16,10 182 pp., pap

Bertrand Russell

The Good Citizen’s Alphabet
, 1970
Franciszka Themerson’s drawings are the perfect vehicle for Russell’s witty and pointed modern alphabet. First published by Gaberbocchus Press in 1953. This edition includes also Russell’s jeu d’esprit, 'History of the world in Epitome'.
ISBN 0852470649, Humour, € 9,10 128 pp., pap

Anatol Stern

, 1962
This is a faithful reproduction of the original 1929 edition of the Polish futurist poem. With stills from the Themerson’s 1932 film Europa.
ISBN 0852470533,Art/Poetry, € 10,30 32 pp., pap

Franciszka Themerson

The Way it Walks
, 1988
Franciszka Themerson’s well-loved book of line drawings. The captions that she chose to accompany them are quotations from twenty-five modern philosophers, writers and scientists. They combine into an ironic study of the human condition.
ISBN 9061693543, Humour, € 8,15 32 pp., pap.

The Drawings of Franciszka Themerson
, 1991
Fully illustrated, this book includes statements by the artist, documentation of her drawings and an essay by Nicholas Wadley.
ISBN 9061693969, Art, € 22,50 pap.

Stefan Themerson

The adventures of Peddy Bottom
, 2002
Peddy Bottom knew he was Peddy Bottom. But humans thought there was something doggy about Peddy, while dogs thought there was something human about him.
This little and lively story is a grotesque image and confrontation of different forms of accommodating to the reality surrounding us and different masks that look real.
'This is delightful, satirical, witty, sophisticated writing, a story that will give great pleasure to children of all ages.'- Book Exchange.
First published in 1951. With drawings by Franciszka Themerson.
ISBN 9061696690, Novel, € 13,50, 112 pp., pap

Bayamus, 1965
Bayamus recounts the adventures of a self-proclaimed mutant with three legs (one is attached to a roller skate) and his efforts to propagate a new species; it includes an instructive visit to the ‘Theatre of Semantic Poetry’, where old rhymes mutate into new truths.
ISBN 0852470584, Novel, € 10,30, 112 pp., pap

Cardinal Pölätüo
, 1965
Cardinal Pölätüo is the biography of Guillaume Appollinaire’s anonymous father, who turns out to be an ecclesiastic with a murderous interest in modernist poetry, a faith based on science, and a dreamlife so frankly obscene that only a dictionary of Freudian symbols can explain its innocence.
ISBN 0825470517, Novel, € 12,10 184 pp., pap

Collected Poems, 1998
With drawings by Franciszka Themerson.
ISBN 0879518464, Poetry, € 17,92 172 pp., pap

General Piesc
, 1972
‘There is no doubt that General Piesc is a witty and amusing tale... full of humour, irony and sarcasm.’ International Fiction Review
ISBN 0852471130, Novel, € 7,90, 56 pp., pap

Hobson’s Island
, 1988
Hobson’s island (so called because Mr. Hobson bought it, or did Mr. Hobson buy it because it was so called?) enjoyed decades of isolation in the Atlantic Ocean; due west from Land’s End, south of County Cork and northwest from the French naval station in Brest.
Suddenly it is the focus for an improbably diverse set and hush-hush parties.
Hobson’s Island is a imaginative and compassionate novel, in which the author speculates about the end of the world.
ISBN 9061693586, Novel, € 16,60 196 pp., cloth

The Mystery of the Sardine
, 1986
A Great Man of Letters, a child genius, two dancing ladies, the Minister of Imponderabilia, Captain Casanova - to say nothing of the black poodle or the sardine: Stefan Themerson’s many characters are colourful and intriguing. Exactly how they are all linked to each other is just one of the riddles in this fascinating novel. Its tantalizing narrative takes us from London to the holiday island of Majorca and to Poland.
ISBN 9061692903 € 16,60, Novel, 194 pp., cloth

Professor Mmaa’s Lecture
, 1953
Stefan Themerson creates a termite world in order to bare the political, sexual, religious and scientific follies of humankind with wit, intelligence, and great gusto.
In this vivid fantasy, life in a termite colony is described in terms that we quickly identify as contemporary: we are plunged into the struggle of the individual against a stultifying social order for a few crumbs of integrity, a few simple pleasures.
Preface by Bertrand Russell, illustrated by Franciszka Themerson
ISBN 0879519665, Novel, € 13,60 251 pp., pap

The Urge to Create Visions
, 1983
In a foreword, Themerson describes this book as ‘a record of past dreams’, based as it is on his visionary essay of 1936. As well as an historic document, with many stills from 1920s and 30s cinema, it remains a vital analysis of essential properties of the moving image in its purest form. An appendix describes and illustrates the Themersons' experimental films of 1932-1945.
‘An excellent and well-produced book.’ Vrij Nederland
‘It speculates on the pervasiveness of cinematic vision.’ Monthly Film Bulletin
ISBN 9061692016, Essay on Film, € 19,30 96 pp., pap

Tom Harris
, 1980
A dramatic narrative set in London and Italy, it has been described as his first ‘conventional’ novel, but the term is only relative. ‘An unusual, compelling, thought-provoking, remarkable novel.’ The Library Journal of New York
ISBN 0852470606, Novel, € 12,50 349 pp., pap

Wooff Wooff or Who killed Richard Wagner?
‘For his attack on the stupidities of mankind, Mr Themerson uses so civilised a mockery that its bland, fatal edge descends with hypnotising charm.’ Dublin Magazine
ISBN 085247007x, Short story, € 7,50 65 pp., pap

The Themersons and the Gaberbocchus Press - an experiment in publishing
, 1994
Various authors, ed. Jan Kubasiewicz and Monica Strauss. On the occasion of an exhibition at MJS Books & Graphics, New York.
ISBN 0963923900 € 19,30

Eugene Walter

, 1961
A masque, produced by a poet-novelist and a painter-sculptor in Rome. Illustrated by Zev.
ISBN 0852470460, Poetry, € 10,30 54 pp., pap


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